Our Board of Members

All Alliance Francaises of the world are managed by a local committee to ensure that the institution is anchored within its city, as it was originally created by local francophiles and francophones. The committee is composed of members of the Alliance Française of Bulawayo elected each year during the Annual General Meeting and it presently comprises eight members. The Board meets every other month to decide the orientations of the Alliance and to discuss cultural, teaching and administrative issues pertaining to it.

New Board of members elected 7 October 2016
  • Anne Bonett (President)
  • David Mouat (Vice-President)
  • Paul Kauffman (Treasurer)
  • Cécile Knight (Secretary)
  • Jeanette Johnson
  • Belinda Marshall
  • Marie Groenewald
  • Nicola Watson
  • Jeffrey Marshall
  • Christian Marclay